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Kongsi Hantaran

The Science Practical Year 5 Materials serve as essential resources to support students’ learning of scientific concepts through hands-on activities. These modules are meticulously prepared by Teacher Faiza to ensure students grasp scientific concepts practically.

Explanation of Science Practical Year 5 Materials

  • The Science Practical module for Year 5 provides students with:
    • Human Skeleton Model
    • Drawing the Human Blood Circulatory System
    • Special Characteristics and Behaviors of Cold Area Animals
    • Special Characteristics and Behaviors of Hot Area Animals
    • Build Food Chain Relationship
    • Build Food Web
    • Mini Terrarium
    • Plant Protection
    • Seeds are Spread by the Wind
    • Seeds Dispersal
    • Drawing an Electrical Circuit Diagram Using Symbols
    • Bulb Brightness
    • Factors Affecting Bulb Brightness
    • On Switch and Off Switch
    • Thermometer
    • Freezing Point and Boiling Point
    • Temperature Changes
    • The Application of Heat
    • Characteristics of Rusty Objects
    • Factors Affecting Rusting Process
    • State of Matter
    • Solid Properties
    • Liquid Properties
    • Gas Properties
    • Three Water Conditions
    • Matter Changes Conditions
    • Rain in Glass Basin
    • The Constellation Projector
    • Simple Machines Inside Complex Machines



Conclusion Science Practical Year 5 Materials

The Science Practical Year 5 materials are crucial as they provide students with opportunities to apply scientific knowledge in practical settings, reinforcing their understanding of concepts taught in textbooks. This helps them develop practical skills and strengthen their foundation in science from an early stage.


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