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The Science Practical Year 4 Material are an essential component of the elementary school curriculum. They are specifically designed to introduce students to various scientific concepts through hands-on laboratory activities, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life experiences.

Explanation of Science Practical Year 4 Material

  • The Science Practical Year 4 module has been prepared by Teacher Faiza to provide Year 4 students with structured practical activities to deepen their understanding of key scientific principles.
  • This material covers a wide range of important topics such as:
    • Labeling Human Breathing Organs
    • Human Breathing Process
    • Chest Movement During Breathing
    • The Rate of Breathing
    • Maintaining Healthy Lungs
    • Recognizing Excretion and Defecation
    • Response to Stimuli
    • Animal Breathing Organ
    • Plant Response to Stimuli
    • Light Travel in a Straight Line
    • Compare and Contrast Shadows
    • Size of Shadows
    • Factors Affecting Shadow Size
    • Drawing Ray Diagrams
    • Refraction of Light
    • Formation of a Rainbow
    • Application of Light Properties
    • Producing Sounds
    • Energy Transformation
    • Observing Energy Transformation
    • Classifying Objects
    • Choosing Materials to Invent an Object
    • Gravitational Pull on Earth
    • Effect of Earth’s Rotation
    • Relationship Between Load Distance from Fulcrum and Force
    • Simple Machines and Their Uses
  • The material is provided in softcopy PDF format, ensuring easy access and usability for both teachers and students.

Conclusion Science Practical Year 4 Material

Acquiring the Science Practical Year 4 material is crucial because it not only teaches scientific concepts theoretically but also allows students to experience practical applications that enhance their understanding of the science principles taught in textbooks.


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